Turning a tanker: recreating one of the oldest membership organisations around

I thought I'd share my comments from yesterday's conference at NCVO. I was talking about the RSA's experiences in renewing itself as a membership organisation that's fit for purpose in the 21stC.  read more »

Are big innovations possible within nonprofits?

The recent Social Innovation Camp proved a highly successful experiment in bringing together social activists, web developers and others who believe the best way to get things done is to get creative people together and cook ideas rapidly. I've reported over here how eighty projects were filtered to six for intensive development over a weekend, and why I think this model will be significant in future.
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The story of the Open Innovation Exchange

Case Study: The Open Innovation Exchange

This case study was prepared for a report by the NCVO Foresight Unit on how information and communication technologies are shaping how services are designed and delivered. More here on the report.
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