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collaboration, networks, innovation, social media, networked journalism, networked organisations
Founding partner in development of the membership project
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membership of national infrastructure
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The future of civil society, and helping civil society organisations to understand how the world is changing around them, feel confident about how changes will impact on their organisation and feel empowered to respond through better planning and decision-making.
Leads NCVO Third Sector Foresight. Founding partner in development of the membership project
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web2.0, relationship building, marketing, fundraising, membership, volunteering
Fundraiser and Marketeer interested in creating online relationships with supporters
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informal learning
Director of Cass Learning Laboratory
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elearning, web2.0, membership, collaborative communities
Researcher in ICT & Learning at NIACE
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Learning, discovery, culture, psychology, technology
Consultant and writer specialising in online learning and discovery
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membership, co-operatives
co-operative membership specialist
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networks, membership, arts, culture, research, collaboration
responsible for overhauling membership services at Arts & Business
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Blogging, social networking, open collaboration
Blogger, Collaborator, Social Networker