Throwing mud at the wall and other ways of finding what sticks

Mud on wallSaul Albert has come up with some excellent first ideas for a structured approach to research, and developing frameworks for thinking about membership. I'm encouraging Saul to look for collaborators, and maybe develop a proposal for funding or other development.  read more »

"The committee won't go for it" ... and other stories

Circuit  Rider workshopLast week's Circuit Riders conference in Birmingham was a great opportunity to catch up on the front-line realities of working with organisations, as well as co-presenting a workshop with Laura Whitehead and Nick Booth. Paul Henderson helped out and has blogged the session here.  read more »

Products and services

One of the main ideas here is to develop a market place of products and services, as well as ideas. In an open, collaborative, spirit I think we need people to offer a mix of some paid-for and some free stuff. No heavy pitches - at least not without some good free take-aways! We'll also be encouaging people to put up product-sevices-project idea that could be developed with others. From this rich mix we should get some remixing, and ideas for funding bids. So - who has something to offer?  read more »

What are the main chunks of work

One of the main lessons from open collaboration projects is that for people to work together you need to break the work down into managable chunks, or work packages. Here are some big chunks that would be conventional parts of a project:


  • Literature
  • Bloggers and other media
  • Interested organisations


  • NCVO membership conference April 22
  • Get-together of contributors
  • Bigger event for organisations
  • Joining in other people's events

Managing this site  read more »

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