Getting funded (and getting data) - pledgebank

Funding, as always, is essential!

One thing we discussed is the potential of using a pledgebank model. Eg

We will do x if y number of people will contribute z

x can be the various packages of work

z will need to include money, but may also be about time or data, eg

'We will publish research into the changing patterns of membership of voluntary organisations, if 30 organisations will each contribute £500 and share data on their membership levels over the last 20 years'

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Product idea - an introductory guide to the future of membership

Hi all

Future Focus reportI'd like to think about ways to turn all the excellent ideas generated in this project into something that membership organisations can use as a way into thinking about the future. One way to do that could be to publish an introductory pocket guide to the future of membership. We have an existing series of these things, they are called Future Focus, and having spent a long time working out the best format and style we think they work really well. Each one sets the scene then takes the reader through six drivers - 'forces or trends that could positively or negatively shape the future of your organisation'.  read more »

members vs volunteers

I am reading the report of the Commission on the Future of Volunteering and I starting thinking about the similarities between members and volunteers, and got myself into a bit of a muddle - where does one end and the other begin? Is an active member actually a volunteer? Or does the title of membership denote a more committed position? Or perhaps just the addition of a financial committment in the form of subscription?  read more »

Start small, work with enthusiasts

Chris Brogan, writing from the US, offers advice on how a nonprofit organisation might begin using social media:

A friend from the UK writes to ask me how she might help her somewhat traditional trade association see the value of using a social networking application to facilitate communications between association members, and maybe also as a way to encourage new members to participate. Trade associations are a perfect type of organization to employ social networking tools to encourage conversations and build digital relationships. Here are some potential next steps.  read more »

We-Think brings innovation and challenges

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At the launch of the book We-Think - which promotes the potential of the web for mass collaboration - I asked author Charles Leadbeater about the possible impact on nonprofit organisations. Would people find they could get information and contacts, and support causes on the web, so by-passing organisations?

Charlie said that the social web could present a big challenge to the social sector - but it could also open up scope for tremendous innovation.

There's a full report, with more videos, here.  read more »

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