Growing an organisation over a Soho pub

If you want to create a new organisation it can take a long time to get the core group together, raise funds, recruit staff, get premises .... old style. New style ... just start prototyping what you want to do in the upstairs room of the Coach and Horses.

It helps if those involved are social media types, and you can get them together through Facebook, blogs, Twitter and so on. However, I think that the approach that Lloyd Davis is taking may have some general lessons. More on my blog here, or just listen to Lloyd's explanation.

Project update 1: a deliberately messy start

Here's the first round-up of how the Membership Project and the site has developed in our quest to "explore changes that the social web and other factors may bring to groups and organisations ... and to our ideas of belonging in an increasingly networked society". These updates will be archived here.  read more »


Developing an open toolkit

Something which I am sure will be of interest to folk here is the toolkit David Wilcox and I (as well as others, hopefully!) are developing online.

We have a development wiki at though 'etoolkit' is very much a working title.

The toolkit can be used by any organisation to determine their approach to web 2.0 and social media tools. This is to be developed in the open, and made freely available afterward.

The aim is to mix low and high tech methods to ensure the best results are achieved - which may involve advising people not to use the web at all!

It is envisaged that the toolkit will be made up of 3 elements:
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It's the people who matter

Steve Dale - who blogs at Dissident - is highly experienced in the field of social media and online communities. He's clearly feeling some frustration with people who think that just installing the right tool or improving their site will help communication flow. In It's not the (social networking) technology - it's the people that matter he writes:  read more »

New social networking site for social entrepreneurs

UnLtdWorldLast night Unltd, which provides support and funding for social entrepreneurs, launched their new online plaform UnLtdWorld. I've blogged a report with video here. The aim is not to create another walled garden, but to link with other online platforms.
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