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attracting a younger audience

Just a really quick post before leaving - no time for a pic to liven things up.

 But I just came across a post by Ewan McIntosh about BECTA research  showing that young people aren't all proficiently using or have equal access to web2.0 technology, as it is sometimes assumed.

I would think the same applies to any audience you could mention. Just thought it was worth the point that while web2.0 technology has an awful lot to offer membership organisations they shouldn't assume that using them to recruit / retain necessarily speaks to as diverse an audience as they would hope.

why join a social network?

I have just been sent a link by a colleague that I thought might be useful. It is an article of comments by professionals on social networking, and the comment below is from an RSA Fellow, Julie Howell. The article can be found here

 In a nutshell, she says that conventional social networking sites are of little interest and without some 'added value' over and above the opportunity to meet and greet she would rarely use them.  read more »

women on the web

I just read an article based on work by the Pew Internet Research project that stated that girls and young women are now the most prolific users of the web. Especially on social networking sites. It occurs to me that new web2.0 technologies might be an opportunity for organisations to address inequalities in membership. RSA Fellowship is currently 26% female (although this rises to 35% when looking at new Fellows following work to redress the balance). Perhaps we can take advantage of new methods to recruit a more diverse Fellowship?  read more »


members vs volunteers

I am reading the report of the Commission on the Future of Volunteering and I starting thinking about the similarities between members and volunteers, and got myself into a bit of a muddle - where does one end and the other begin? Is an active member actually a volunteer? Or does the title of membership denote a more committed position? Or perhaps just the addition of a financial committment in the form of subscription?  read more »

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