Project update 2: getting organised

Here's the second update on this Membership Project. We've spend the last three weeks finding out more on what people are saying about social media and organisations, and developing project plans, as reflected in the project timeline.

Social media and organisations

Project plans

Because of the open, collaborative nature of the project - explained here - we expected a messy start. However, by mid-March we had broad agreement on the way forward, and that has now been translated into a set of work packages you can see in the left sidebar for a Guide, products and services, research, and a toolkit.

There's a summary of project plans here, with next steps being to identify a core group of collaborators, develop a workshop game and other products ready for the NCVO membership conference on April 22.

If you would like to join in, drop a comment here or even better register on the site and contribute. Here's how, plus some questions and answers.

David Wilcox



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