Project update 1: a deliberately messy start

Here's the first round-up of how the Membership Project and the site has developed in our quest to "explore changes that the social web and other factors may bring to groups and organisations ... and to our ideas of belonging in an increasingly networked society". These updates will be archived here.

You'll find the background and early development of The Membership Project on the About page, and then first thoughts on how to get the project started. From that and Throwing mud at the wall you can see the approach has been open and evolutionary: get started and organise as we go along. This may seem rather disorganised, but it means you can invite in a core group, blog some items, see what interests people, and then create the structure from that.

Editorially it means tagging posts - see the cloud top right - and then putting up some holding pages for key topics which can be used to summarise content. The system we are using - Drupal - allows you to index blog posts under pages, as I am starting to do. You do this using the outline menu when editing.

These early posts have confirmed some core work packges:

In addition to these proposals we've had some lessons about what works and what doesn't, and news of relevant book and social networking site launches.

The next steps will be to do some more tidying up on the site, including a better How to use ... and FAQs, and invite more people from the list here, and other places. Then we'll start looking at events, and more detailed work packages. Once we have more people on the site we can start turning it into a real market place for ideas, products and services. Life is messy - but you have to do some planning too!

Thanks everyone for contributions so far - David 


Good stuff

Nice roundup David, and agree that this has been a productive start. I like the idea of information gathering as a first step - let's leave making sense of it all for another day.

Also like the idea of a number of projects feeding up into this one, like the toolkit and others. Good work, people!