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New social networking site for social entrepreneurs

UnLtdWorldLast night Unltd, which provides support and funding for social entrepreneurs, launched their new online plaform UnLtdWorld. I've blogged a report with video here. The aim is not to create another walled garden, but to link with other online platforms.

Start small, work with enthusiasts

Chris Brogan, writing from the US, offers advice on how a nonprofit organisation might begin using social media:

A friend from the UK writes to ask me how she might help her somewhat traditional trade association see the value of using a social networking application to facilitate communications between association members, and maybe also as a way to encourage new members to participate. Trade associations are a perfect type of organization to employ social networking tools to encourage conversations and build digital relationships. Here are some potential next steps.  read more »

We-Think brings innovation and challenges

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At the launch of the book We-Think - which promotes the potential of the web for mass collaboration - I asked author Charles Leadbeater about the possible impact on nonprofit organisations. Would people find they could get information and contacts, and support causes on the web, so by-passing organisations?

Charlie said that the social web could present a big challenge to the social sector - but it could also open up scope for tremendous innovation.

There's a full report, with more videos, here.  read more »

Throwing mud at the wall and other ways of finding what sticks

Mud on wallSaul Albert has come up with some excellent first ideas for a structured approach to research, and developing frameworks for thinking about membership. I'm encouraging Saul to look for collaborators, and maybe develop a proposal for funding or other development.  read more »

"The committee won't go for it" ... and other stories

Circuit  Rider workshopLast week's Circuit Riders conference in Birmingham was a great opportunity to catch up on the front-line realities of working with organisations, as well as co-presenting a workshop with Laura Whitehead and Nick Booth. Paul Henderson helped out and has blogged the session here.  read more »

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