What we are planning here

Over the next couple of days we have the NCVO Membership Schemes Conference, followed by a team meeting ... so there will be a lot more here by the end of the week.
However, just to recap, the aim of the project is "to explore changes the social web and other factors may bring to groups and organisations ... and to "belonging" in a networked society".

As Simon Berry summarised here we see three strands of work emerging:

Research. We already have first thoughts from Sophia Parker, with additional ideas on how to engage people via this site. Megan Griffith has brought together key ideas that we might develop into an introductory guide to the future of membership.

Products and services. These will be offers that can be made now to help memberships organisations. While these won't be entirely technology tools, I think that the work undertaken by Rutalnetonline will give us a good starting point. I wrote about the recent launch here, and Simon explains the background.

Strategy. This is where we will address how membership organisations can mix their overall organisation development strategy with technology development informed by the issues Megan is outlining in the guide. In practical terms that may well mean developing the guide as a wiki/booklet linked to the workshops and other methods to help organisations plan their futures.

Our workshop at the membership schemes conference should give us insights into how best to develop each of these starnds in collaboration with others, with a first outline by the end of the month.