Throwing mud at the wall and other ways of finding what sticks

Mud on wallSaul Albert has come up with some excellent first ideas for a structured approach to research, and developing frameworks for thinking about membership. I'm encouraging Saul to look for collaborators, and maybe develop a proposal for funding or other development.

I'm all for an organised approach, but at the same time believe we have to throw out ideas and see where they land. I first heard the term "throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks" from my friend Johnnie Moore a few years back. He says it's an entrepreneurial principle, which is good enough for me.

LifebeltsI was musing on this while out for a walk across the Thames to Tate Modern, via Millenium Bridge, and dropped down to the mini-beach to see if I could find some useful images ... hence the rather mucky wall above.

I also came across a couple of life-belts, and I'm sure there's another metaphor here about diving in while making sure you have some safety measures.

It reminds me to drop a note to Tessy Britton, also an RSA Fellow, who has a terrific blog Thriving Too which makes really good use of images.

All this is by way of saying, feel free to try some stories, pictures, metaphors and just plain daft observations to start our explorations.

Throwing mud against the wall..

I actually think it is un fair to thow mud against the wall..

Check out my post, at it is most related!!

re: throwing mud against the wall

Thanks Ben - love these cross-disciplinary insights:-) New analogY?