Products and services

One of the main ideas here is to develop a market place of products and services, as well as ideas. In an open, collaborative, spirit I think we need people to offer a mix of some paid-for and some free stuff. No heavy pitches - at least not without some good free take-aways! We'll also be encouaging people to put up product-sevices-project idea that could be developed with others. From this rich mix we should get some remixing, and ideas for funding bids. So - who has something to offer?

I'll certainly be developing a membership game, with Drew Mackie, on the lines of those shown at Useful games and played with Ruralnetonline

Other offers? Drop in a comment, or start a blog post tagged products, services, market as appropriate. We can retag etc later

Product ideas

I've put an idea in a blog post for an introductory guide (need money for that!) But, on the free side we are going to dedicate a chapter in our next Voluntary Sector Strategic Analysis publication to this topic so will have lots of ideas to contribute from that which should be able to be remixed and reused in numerous ways... (written by end of June08 and published at end of Sept08)