Developing an open toolkit

Something which I am sure will be of interest to folk here is the toolkit David Wilcox and I (as well as others, hopefully!) are developing online.

We have a development wiki at though 'etoolkit' is very much a working title.

The toolkit can be used by any organisation to determine their approach to web 2.0 and social media tools. This is to be developed in the open, and made freely available afterward.

The aim is to mix low and high tech methods to ensure the best results are achieved - which may involve advising people not to use the web at all!

It is envisaged that the toolkit will be made up of 3 elements:

  1. The toolkit itself, a prepared pack of information
  2. A facilitated workshop
  3. A dedicated network space for post event support and discussion
It would be great if anyone present here would like to get involved in the development, or just keep an eye on things to see how it could be applied in the membership organisation context.


Open toolkit

Dave - thanks for getting us started on this. I had a go at a social media wiki a year back, and we could pull in the A-Z and some other stuff from that. I think Nancy White's new knowledge sharing toolkit is going to be great as well, and Tim Davies has some splendid one page guides. Michael Ambjorn has some excellent resources. Over in the US I hope we can interest those awesomely productive bloggers Beth Kanter and Michele Martin. Then there's other wonderful people I listed earlier over here.

The challenge is going to be to develop a guide/toolkit that works for the Membership Project and other situations, and is created in different places. Do we get a group of collaborators together and work out some common framework, within which we can each indicate or our main focus? It's one think to get a group of people creating something on one wiki ... I think this is going to have to be done on several linked wikis. Interesting we are mainly using wikispaces ... maybe we can find some ways of integrating.

Incidently, I'll be developing some static pages over here about toolkit development, and then indexing blog posts underneath the page. You can do that when creating a blog post by going to the outline menu in the edit window.

I should add that the aim is to link the toolkit to the social media game


Let's tie in everything that's out there, I don't want us to be reinventing the wheel - but am happy to repackage it Wink