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The value of organisation

Came across this blog post this morning which perhaps casts an interesting light on the role of organisation (as a verb and a noun):  read more »

Government engagement toolkit

The government have launched a toolkit for local groups to feed back to them on issues around empowerment. I have some issues with it, but there is some good stuff in there and at least they seem to be trying to listen!

What can membership organisations learn from Harry Tuttle?

I'm inspired to write this post following a tweet from David Wilcox, in which he says:

more value in a couple of hours of Tuttling than a yea's membership of .... no, no we aren't snarky here are we

No, we are not! But the point is a valid one nonetheless.  read more »

Another membership organisation gets it wrong

From The Times:

Book piracy on the internet will ultimately drive authors to stop writing unless radical methods are devised to compensate them for lost sales.

This is the bleak forecast of the Society of Authors, which represents more than 8,500 professional writers in the UK and believes that the havoc caused to the music business by illegal downloading is beginning to envelop the book trade.

Tracy Chevalier, the author of Girl with a Pearl Earring who also chairs the London-based organisation, said that her members were deeply concerned that the publishing industry was failing to adapt to the digital age.  read more »

Developing an open toolkit

Something which I am sure will be of interest to folk here is the toolkit David Wilcox and I (as well as others, hopefully!) are developing online.

We have a development wiki at http://etoolkit.wikispaces.com/ though 'etoolkit' is very much a working title.

The toolkit can be used by any organisation to determine their approach to web 2.0 and social media tools. This is to be developed in the open, and made freely available afterward.

The aim is to mix low and high tech methods to ensure the best results are achieved - which may involve advising people not to use the web at all!

It is envisaged that the toolkit will be made up of 3 elements:
 read more »

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