Project update 4: re-convening

This space has been quiet since April 2008, but that's about to change now that RSA and NCVO have secured funding for a research programme, and there's growing interest in the potential impact of social media on membership organisations. More here about that. The precise focus for the site will shape up over the next few weeks, but I expect it to be on where self-organising using the social web meets traditional organisation. Background on the project here, and how to use the site. Contact us here.

David Wilcox


What we are planning here

Over the next couple of days we have the NCVO Membership Schemes Conference, followed by a team meeting ... so there will be a lot more here by the end of the week.
However, just to recap, the aim of the project is "to explore changes the social web and other factors may bring to groups and organisations ... and to "belonging" in a networked society".

As Simon Berry summarised here we see three strands of work emerging:  read more »


Thoughts on how we engage people via this site

Megan and I met this morning and talked about the research dimension of this project. I've just updated the research page so you can see where we got to.

We also discussed the question of how to engage other key people in membership organisations in our discussions and thinking. I'm sure we'll have a chance to discuss more when we meet face-to-face in a couple of weeks' time, but for now I thought I'd just share our ideas as food for thought.

We know that in order to encourage people to participate there has to be a clear 'ask' and clarity about the terms of engagement. How about creating a series of boxes (or something) on the front page with the key questions we're interested in. So for example:  read more »

Project update 3: becoming creative

Writing a comment to Simon Berry's item here pretty much took care of this update. As I said there - after a deliberately messy start followed by some getting organised we are now becoming creative, and ready to move to production of work packages.

Simon reminded us that we aim to have project proposals completed by April 30 to put to funders and other potential collaborators. That's possible because different people's contributions are coming together. This was always meant to be a collaborative process - and it is working.  read more »


Project update 2: getting organised

Here's the second update on this Membership Project. We've spend the last three weeks finding out more on what people are saying about social media and organisations, and developing project plans, as reflected in the project timeline.  read more »

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