Free social media guide, from the charabanc

Social Media GuidePaul Caplan could be termed a digital coach, but prefers to be a digital charabanc:

"The Charabanc was the way of getting to the seaside. It promised a new world. It was a change from the Mills. Its space was taken over by ordinary people on a special day out.

"The Chara’ was simple and did the job. There were no frills and seat-mounted TVs. There was no bar, just a crate or two. It got you there and heh the journey was fun."  read more »

Who might like to contribute

We want to work with a core group of people who are interested in sharing their ideas, and promoting online what they have to offer ... so where better to start than bloggers.

I've been playing around with widgets at Grazr, which allows you to organise RSS feeds. I created a reading list of people who I thought might like to contribute to this site. You can click on the name in the left pane, then review items by clicking over in the top right and reading below.  read more »

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