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posting images

having issues posting images in blog posts. i can't seem to cut and paste or enter html, or edit a post once it's posted. help!

posting images

Hi Laura

Best way to add images is through the image icon on the toolbar. If it is Flickr just put in the image url in the box that appears.

If you want to add html, click disable rich text under the edit box, and change input format (under that) to full html.

To edit, click headline of post to get in new window, then edit

I've done some fixes - hope OK




ah see there's the problem.

ah see there's the problem. just went back into 'create a new blog post' to check - and there isn't an image icon on the toolbar.

nor the option to disable rich text...

 or to edit posts...

maybe i don't have those rights as a user and not an admin?

input problem

Laura - thanks for pointing out. Now fixed