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Social Networking, Social Media, Web 2.0.
Web 2.0 evangelist and practitioner
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nptechuk ICT for Third Sector Infrastructure Organisations Web 2.0
To enable Infrastructure Organisations to use emerging and established ICT tools and services effectively in order to support front line groups
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RSA, membership, youth, participation, action, recruitment, retention
RSA Senior Fellowship Researcher
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sustainable communities, rural networking
marketing and branding consultant
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communities of practice, wiki facilitation, social objects
online community specialist
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web, charities, social interaction, campaigning.. how we are using the web and social media, and how they are changing our interactions
Independant Charity Consultant and speaker on web, email and databases for charities
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networking, mentoring, coaching, dynamic and breakthrough thinking, systems dynamics in action, decision making under uncertainty, knowledge management, organisational learning and change, lecturing, complexity, strategic leadership, edge competences, boundary crossing, social business creation and development, project management, positive psychology and strengths coaching
Keeper of Light, Social Business Enterpreneur and Strengths Coach
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English/Spanish conversation classes, Hands-on Spanish for young children, Home book publishing
English/Spanish conversation and home book publishing
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Facilitation, discovery, social learning systems
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co-creation, collaboration, innovation, change, open space, meetings, events, conferences, facilitation
Open Space expert
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Social media, ict, vcs, charity, marketing
I’m looking at the use of Social Media & ICT in the UK Charity & VCO sector.
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I'm interested in privacy, anonymity and trust metrics within collaborative environments building digital commons