What can membership organisations learn from Harry Tuttle?

I'm inspired to write this post following a tweet from David Wilcox, in which he says:

more value in a couple of hours of Tuttling than a yea's membership of .... no, no we aren't snarky here are we

No, we are not! But the point is a valid one nonetheless.  read more »

What might things look like on 30 April?

The City

David Wilcox and I met up for a face-to-face in London yesterday to mull over progress made to date and contemplate what we may end up with when this exercise completes its first phase on 30 April. David will pitch in with further insights, corrections and clarifications.  read more »


Another membership organisation gets it wrong

From The Times:

Book piracy on the internet will ultimately drive authors to stop writing unless radical methods are devised to compensate them for lost sales.

This is the bleak forecast of the Society of Authors, which represents more than 8,500 professional writers in the UK and believes that the havoc caused to the music business by illegal downloading is beginning to envelop the book trade.

Tracy Chevalier, the author of Girl with a Pearl Earring who also chairs the London-based organisation, said that her members were deeply concerned that the publishing industry was failing to adapt to the digital age.  read more »

Interim evaluation of the RSA networks project

Hi all

I've just posted the interim evaluation I wrote for the RSA networks project on the networks platform - see here.

Here's what I said - and for ease of access I have also attached the file to this post.

"I've attached here the interim evaluation I wrote for the RSA networks project at the end of February. Thanks to the RSA's partnership with Nesta, we have been able to evaluate and document progress towards the vision of the networks project as we go along.  read more »

Research thoughts

I really hope this posts in the right place of this site as I'm finding it a little hard to navigate!

 At any rate I wanted to add some thoughts from the RSA's perspective about what we'd like to see from this project.

 I suppose the trend that all this discussion is trying to capture is the journey from 'membership' organisations to 'movements', and what that means for the nature, structure, purpose, and business models of existing membership organisations. No mean feat to cover all of this and as someone with a thinktank background the breadth of the issues being asked here makes me a little nervous.  read more »

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