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I wonder if I haven't missed something vital.

 We have web2 which is going to afford freedoms, collaboration, sharing, democratic voice.  I love everything about this.  It fills me with optimism because this vision is based on a wonderful model of humanity - favouring and drawing on its best aspects.  read more »


What we are planning here

Over the next couple of days we have the NCVO Membership Schemes Conference, followed by a team meeting ... so there will be a lot more here by the end of the week.
However, just to recap, the aim of the project is "to explore changes the social web and other factors may bring to groups and organisations ... and to "belonging" in a networked society".

As Simon Berry summarised here we see three strands of work emerging:  read more »


attracting a younger audience

Just a really quick post before leaving - no time for a pic to liven things up.

 But I just came across a post by Ewan McIntosh about BECTA research  showing that young people aren't all proficiently using or have equal access to web2.0 technology, as it is sometimes assumed.

I would think the same applies to any audience you could mention. Just thought it was worth the point that while web2.0 technology has an awful lot to offer membership organisations they shouldn't assume that using them to recruit / retain necessarily speaks to as diverse an audience as they would hope.

The value of organisation

Came across this blog post this morning which perhaps casts an interesting light on the role of organisation (as a verb and a noun):  read more »

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