How to get the project started

I've been thinking a lot about how we can get The Membership Project started in an open, innovative way, and coming up with a few ideas. Here's first thoughts:

1. The best way of doing things would be to have another team meeting and work through our objectives, the tasks, who does what, the milestones etc. But that would delay thing for a few weeks if we organised it face-to-face. We could try doing it synchronously online, but it would still take a bit of organising.  read more »


Who might like to contribute

We want to work with a core group of people who are interested in sharing their ideas, and promoting online what they have to offer ... so where better to start than bloggers.

I've been playing around with widgets at Grazr, which allows you to organise RSS feeds. I created a reading list of people who I thought might like to contribute to this site. You can click on the name in the left pane, then review items by clicking over in the top right and reading below.  read more »

This may be too much to ask but . . .

. . . . is there a mechanism whereby users could specify a feed to be brought into the system. Maybe as part of their profile. So that stuff they wrote elsewhere that is helpful would pop up aginst their name here?





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