Re-convening in Commonspace

It's been quiet here since April 2008, but that's now going to change!

This site was originally created for The Membership Project, which was started David Wilcox (me) and Simon Berry "to explore how the social web and other factors are changing the ways in which we may belong to groups and organisations". You can read the background here. We took a rest during 2008 as our partners NCVO and RSA developed plans for the research programme. As you can see here, that's now under way.  read more »


Key issues from conference

Megan Griffith's presentation at the recent NCVO conference on membership schemes aimed to spark some discussion among those at our workshop - and we weren't disappointed. Here's some of the key issues reported back from group discussion, transcribed from the flip charts by Simon Berry. The groups were asked to consider:

  • What do you think are some of the major challenges and opportunities facing membership organisations in the 21st century?


  • What might your membership scheme look like in 5 years time?

Simon has grouped the responses:  read more »

Turning a tanker: recreating one of the oldest membership organisations around

I thought I'd share my comments from yesterday's conference at NCVO. I was talking about the RSA's experiences in renewing itself as a membership organisation that's fit for purpose in the 21stC.  read more »

Drivers shaping the future of membership: yesterday's presentation

I wrote this think piece as the basis of a presentation on the drivers shaping the future of membership, for the NCVO membership schemes conference on the 22 April.

Individuals are affirming themselves as individual agents
Individual freewill and autonomy have become important social values. This individualism, although often associated with selfishness, also links to growing notions of self-reliance and personal responsibility. A linked trend is the decline in deference; our willingness to accept without question what those in authority say has declined.

Our identities and how we express them is more complex  read more »

Supporting teams, communities, networks

Conversations at today's conference on membership confirmed what a big stretch membership covers, from providing infomation, advice, a voice, networking opportunities, through to the development of collaborative projects between staff and members. Each activity will require different communications, marketing and engagement approaches.  read more »

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