How to use Commonspace

This site was originally developed to provide a collaborative commons for anyone interested in exploring how the social web may bring changes to organisations and our ideas of belonging, and there are quite a few early users with logins. We are currently thinking how best to organise for next phase development.

For now new users can:

  • Comment on any items - anonymously or not. Real names preferred.
  • Ask to get more involved in the space, by dropping a comment into an appropriate item or using the contact options.

Much of the older content is in the form of short blog items by different contributors, tagged with keywords. Clicking a tag in the right sidebar takes you to items under that keyword. Each item will say who authored it, and clicking on that will take you to other items they have written.

Updates on project development are in Project news, top of the page. New content there lists recent blog items and pages, and Comment a page of comments. If you get lost, have a look at the site map, where you will find all the RSS feeds enabling you to follow content. If you aren't sure about RSS, do spend three minutes on this excellent video by Commoncraft below. You can also sign up for daily email update in the left sidebar.

If you have an account:

Log in, and "my account" in the top menu gives you options to create content, change your password, upload a picture, make yourself contactable, and ensure you get email alerts to any thread where you create or post a comment.

To contribute, just click 'create content', 'blog entry' and fill in the fields, preview, then click submit. Your blog item will appear on the front page, and in your personal blog space.