Case study: New technology, traditional approach

Rural services OnlineRural Services Online,, the new website for the "Rural Services Network" was launched last week. Although it is implemented in Joomla (open source, web 2.0 etc) it takes a very traditional approach. Non-members can only see the news from the last 7 days. After that, all but the headline and opening sentence disappear behind an ID and Password.

There's also an 'Analysis & Comment' section, a Forum and Document Store for members only. Anyone can read the events calendar.

The journalism is very good and is by Johann Tasker of Ruralcity Media but will this site help organisations part with the £400+ membership fee? What do you think?


For the kind of

For the kind of organisations and groups that appear to be the target, 400 quid is neither here nor there. I don't have much awareness of the market - save for Farming Online - but having lived in rural NE Oxfordshire, and tried to do some development work there abd across into Northamptonshire in ICT/telecoms, anything that helps communications between as well as amongst organisations and people (possibly individual members also) must be accounted a good and useful tool.


A good few people are quite happy with 'traditional' - and find web 2.0 vastly overblown.