Product idea - an introductory guide to the future of membership

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Future Focus reportI'd like to think about ways to turn all the excellent ideas generated in this project into something that membership organisations can use as a way into thinking about the future. One way to do that could be to publish an introductory pocket guide to the future of membership. We have an existing series of these things, they are called Future Focus, and having spent a long time working out the best format and style we think they work really well. Each one sets the scene then takes the reader through six drivers - 'forces or trends that could positively or negatively shape the future of your organisation'.

Each driver gives

  • A short description of what is happening, what is likely to happen in the future and why, plus an outline of some of the risks and opportunities this might present for your organisation
  • Poses questions designed to help organisations think through how the drivers may affect them in the future and how they might need to respond
  • Provides space to jot down ideas

It also has a handy worksheet to pull thoughts together and a fictional case study to bring it all to life, plus copious signposts to other resources and ideas.

They work really well, particularly for those new to the topic, which I think is really important. After all, its fine for us to discuss all these interesting things but we want to engage organisations on the ground too!

Previous editions are free to download here

Guide to the future of membership

Hi Megan - that sort of guide sounds just what we need as a front end to other content on "what do we do". I've taken the slight liberty of adding an image.

Thanks David. I wonder if we

Thanks David. I wonder if we can think of a quirky image to represent membership?

Image for membership

Time for some seaching of Flickr?