Who might like to contribute

We want to work with a core group of people who are interested in sharing their ideas, and promoting online what they have to offer ... so where better to start than bloggers.

I've been playing around with widgets at Grazr, which allows you to organise RSS feeds. I created a reading list of people who I thought might like to contribute to this site. You can click on the name in the left pane, then review items by clicking over in the top right and reading below.

If you are not on the list and want to join in, drop in a comment below. Suggestions on other bloggers welcome. More here on joining in.

another suggestion

the last one was me too - I just forgot to log in first

 Nikki Barton http://incunabula2.com/

She'll be getting an invite to join the Fellowship shortly...

another other suggestion

Rebecca Caroe - she's more about the business side of things, so I guess it depends on whether we view Fellows as customers in some way, but seems big into web 2.0. http://creativeagencysecrets.com/

and Libby Davy, recent blog post on blogging and change agents, she might have some more insights http://authenticblogging.com/

re: another suggestion

Thanks Laura - keep them coming! Sorry your comment was delayed in moderation. I've been away at conferences and not logging to all site. I'll try taking moderation off and see if we if the spam filter is OK


Richard Pope, a new Fellow who is involved in MySociety and has an interesting blog http://www.memespring.co.uk/

I'll drop him an email and let him know we're here.

Is your name missing?

What a neat people/ideas aggregator!

I can see that this list is based on the open innovators we have come across so far but there must be more. Please leave a comment and url and we will add you to the list.