What are the main chunks of work

One of the main lessons from open collaboration projects is that for people to work together you need to break the work down into managable chunks, or work packages. Here are some big chunks that would be conventional parts of a project:


  • Literature
  • Bloggers and other media
  • Interested organisations


  • NCVO membership conference April 22
  • Get-together of contributors
  • Bigger event for organisations
  • Joining in other people's events

Managing this site

  • Approving accounts
  • Finding and reblogging content
  • Encouraging contributors
  • Oranising product and serice offers

Developing a "dashboard" ... that is, creating a start page using iGoogle, Netvibes, Pageflakes that would pull feeds together from different places.

Developing a membership game based on these games


Products and services

What do we have already that's a mix of free and paid for

Any format, guidelines needed to invite others to put stuff into the exchange?  How do we creat a market place (simply)?